Collaboration with Wildberries
You run your business as you want!
You can manage your sales from any device, including your mobile phone or tablet.
  • we accept, store and sell the product
  • we give access to a multi-million audience
  • we provide real-time analytical reports
  • we help you promote and advertise your brand
  • manage your product range and supplies
  • adjust the cost of the product and set discounts
  • track your sales and rewards
  • get feedback from customers
  • manage the entire document flow through the portal resources
And Wildberries – is the largest seller in Runet
800 000
brands on the site
4,5 млн
orders per day
20 млн
visitors per day
goods on website
More than 25 thousand pickup points in 6 countries
And two more facts about us, that you should know
Wildberries' turnover increased by 88% to 223.5 billion rubles in 2019.
Wildberries is the largest online retailer in Russia, which operates for 18 years. The geography of the company covers six countries. Every day 4,5 million orders are made on Wildberries, and the number of daily visitors is more than 20 million people. The company took 1st place in the Forbes ranking of "Top 10 Runet Sellers" in 2019. According to the analytical agency Data Insight, Wildberries has become the largest online store in Russia in terms of online sales for four years.
We have reduced the commission for suppliers by 2 times to 19%
Wildberries-the largest online retailer in Russia – reports about 2-fold reduction in the commission for the company's partners. Since March 2019, Wildberries has reduced its own remuneration for the sale of goods under commission agreements with suppliers from 38% to 19%. This will allow small and medium-sized businesses, as well as large suppliers of Wildberries, to offer an even greater range of products to customers, and the online trading market will become more transparent.
Terms of cooperation
The product is accepted for sale.
Delivery is carried out to the company's warehouses (available 24/7).
Payment every week.
Work within the portal without using third-party resources.